Personal Injury

You’ve Been Injured, Now What?
Perhaps you have suffered an injury from work or even a motor vehicle accident and your life is in shambles. Personal injury law covers a multitude of disciplines and can include injuries incurred in public places, electronically via social media and extends to injuries incurred even on private property. If you fins yourself in any of these situations, Velos Injury Lawyers are here to help you. You could be entitled to compensation. Velos Injury Lawyers will provide you sound, practical and professional advice aimed to steer you onto the best path to recovery.

Personal Injury Lawyers In All Areas
Personal injury law includes a variety of areas including public liability, medical negligence, workers compensation, motor vehicle accidents, transport accident commission, asbestos and their insurance claims. The legislation behind personal injury law is generally covered under the Wrongs Act [1958]. Velos Injury Lawyers have had over 40 years experience dealing with personal injury claims.

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If you have suffered personal injury or even suspect you may be subject to personal injury in any form, contact Velos Injury Lawyers as a matter of urgency to avoid the numerous pitfalls, and potential serious unforeseen consequences usually encountered by unprepared people who are injured.

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