23-June 2022

Mr John Velos

L6 326 William St,

Melbourne VIC 3000

RE: Thanks for your efforts in providing my teenage son support from large Corporate Predators


I would like to thank you for your assistance in a matter which I cannot believe would exist in this day and age.

For my teenage son coming home from school in uniform being hit by a car and being flung in the air after disembarking a bus and being taken to hospital in an ambulance is truly a traumatic life event.  His leg was totally smashed and had rods put in and as a result had major infections to the bone and was in a serious situation.  He had months of multiple hospital stays and was lucky not to have life long issues or be deceased.

When he got home he was met with a letter demanding a $15,000 payment from the insurance company, which never provided a basis for the fault which we demanded.  What is even worst was that our investigations with another panel beater found that the repair was excessive for the type of accident and panel damage that was incurred.

Our son was heart broken and in a state of panic, constantly getting calls in a harassing manner demanding he pay or they would take him (a minor) to court, even though he had no job, income or assets.

My Family and I Thank you for standing up to Major Corporation trying to take advantage in a very immoral opportunistic way, against a young boy already affected by a horrible incident.

Thanks Again for Being on Our side.


Siang T.

Injury Law Legal Assistance and Advice

15th April, 2019.


Our son had been hit by a motor car which sent him to hospital and his racing bicycle to the scrap metal dealer! The lady driver said she had been blinded by the sun. We could get nowhere with her or her insurers.

We engaged Mr John Velos and within a few weeks he achieved an outstanding result far beyond our expectations. He had assembled a detailed case and with multiple thrusts directed at the insurance company,

finally received a wonderful result which was about double what we had hoped for!

We congratulate Mr Velos and his team for a very professional, efficient and sympathetic process which was always realistic. He was cautious and considered in everything and has a great eye for detail. He also knows his

law very thoroughly which enables him to recommend realistic options and outcomes.

Formerly a lawyer myself, I have been engaging lawyers for fifty years and I am pleased to record that I would rank John’s performance as second to none in our experience. We will recommend him to anyone and have

been delighted with his work.

Yours sincerely

Warwick F.

Injury Law Legal Assistance

16 April 2019

To Whom it may concern

Our son was recently involved in a road accident whilst riding his bike.

The driver of the car responsible was difficult from the very beginning. The insurer also dragged things out and was, in the early stages, unresponsive and frustrating.

John Velos managed the claim from start to finish with compassion, expertise determination and professionalism. At all times we were kept informed of progress and advised our options and the associated costs.

John Velos managed to negotiate a settlement with the insurer that far exceeded our expectations.

I have no hesitation in providing a resounding recommendation for John Velos and the legal practice, Velos and Velos.


Susanne F.

Injury Law Legal Assistance

To Whom it May Concern,

Mr John Velos of Velos & Velos, Lawyers, of Level 6, 326 William Street, Melbourne recently acted for me in a civil matter which was causing me considerable concern and stress, which at my age I do

not want or need.

John resolved the matter to my satisfaction expeditiously and for which I am extremely grateful. It was a great relief to me.

At all times, John kept me informed of the progress of the matter and attended promptly to my enquires. Nothing was too much trouble for John. He even came to my home to help settle this


I cannot speak highly enough of John and his staff for their assistance and expertise in resolving the matter and I have no hesitation in recommending him and his firm.

John deserves a “5 Star rating” for the way he conducted my matter.



6th May 2019

Civil Matter Legal Assistance

My name is Emily K. and I have worked as a journalist at SBS and the Greek radio station 3xy Radio Hellas in Melbourne for many years until recently.

I have also worked in the legal and medical sector for over 35 years, as a NAATI Level 3 Interpreter and I have seen many cases and scenarios with people involved in litigation, which has been a difficult journey to them,

with sentiments of stress, agony and many a times with great sadness.

I have witnessed situations of how the lay person is struggling to find their justice and closure in incomprehensible processes within the legal world.

Evolving within these medico- legal and media circles, I have witnessed and have come across people who had expressed their appreciation and gratitude for litigation handled by Law firms which have stood out for all the

right reasons.

I chose one which was continuously respected and praised by so many: VELOS & VELOS LAWYERS has been around, for over 40 years, delivering affordable legal representation in many legal areas to their valued clients

and community.

I, personally, would like to express my appreciation and gratitude to Mr. John Velos Master of Laws, who has recently provided me with excellent legal pro bono advice in a situation where I needed to sought some valuable

advice on how to proceed in a very complicated family case.

As I had heard from many people who had previously used the services of Mr. John Velos, I also experienced his expertise, integrity, excellence and kindness whilst listening and understanding the complexity of my

circumstances. He was intuitive, reading between the lines, and enlightening with an  amazing analysis of my case.

He never looked at the time but only focused on how to give me the answers, so as to be fulfilled at the end of the session and to be clear, in what path I should chose for my own


I highly recommend his firm Velos & Velos Lawyers for he is the person who has this light filled with professionalism and kindness combined so as to advise and assist his clients to pursue the best path for their concerns

when choosing to be legally represented and advised.

May I stress with great confidence that when one feels the need to get legal advice, one should consider to meet with Mr. John Velos who is always giving his time and professional expertise generously.

Kind Regards

Emily K.

Broadcast Producer 3XY Radio Hellas


Civil Matter

18 January 2021

Mr John Velos

Level 6, 326 William Street

Melbourne 3000

To whom it may concern,

I engaged Mr John Velos of Velos & Velos Lawyers for difficult legal services and everything was attended to with great advice and a good experience.

Thank you Mr Velos sincerely for all your efforts.

Your great experience in law, the genuine care and eye for detail is very much appreciated.

Mr Velos always called me back and gave me good advice and made what could have been a very difficult process quite bearable and successful.

I also felt at all times that I was in the very best of hands and this gave me great confidence going forward.

I strongly recommend Mr John Velos to solve your legal problems and give you good advice at affordable fees.

Thank you all so much.

Best regards,

Diego R.


18 de enero de 2021

Sr. John Velos

Nivel 6, 326 William Street

Melbourne 3000

A quien le interese,

Contraté al Sr. John Velos de Velos & Velos Lawyers para servicios legales difíciles

y todo fue atendido con excelentes consejos y una buena experiencia. Gracias,

señor Velos, sinceramente por todos sus esfuerzos. Su gran experiencia en

derecho, el cuidado genuino y el ojo para los detalles es muy importante y

apreciado. El señor Velos siempre me Ilamaba y me daba buenos consejos e hizo

lo que podía, ha sido un proceso muy difícil bastante soportable y exitoso. También

sentí en todo momento que estaba en las mejores manos y esto me dio una gran

confianza en el futuro. Recomiendo encarecidamente al Sr. John Velos que resuelva

sus problemas legales y le brinde buenos consejos a precios asequibles. Muchas

gracias a todos.


Diego R.

Civil Matter

June 4, 2018

Re: Velos Lawyers
To whom it may concern:
I would like to recommend John Velos, Lawyer, whom I have hired on occasion when necessary. He always calls me back and gives me good advice when I need it.
He is a valuable member of my contacts and he never lets me down. Professional and caring is a great combination and I appreciate what he has done for me and will do when I need wise legal council. Thank you Mr Velos!
Robert M.

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