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Personal Injury

Personal injury claims take many forms and cover a multitude of differing areas of the law including, civil aviation, public liability compensation issues to name a few. Personal injury cases can also be extremely complicated and need a trained legal professional to be able to determine the extent of the claim and whether it is worth pursuing. Velos Injury Lawyers have had the necessary years of experience dealing with personal injury claims. Call us to discuss any issues you may be encountering involving personal injury law.

TAC – Vehicular Claims

Our roads are getting busier by the day and with the population increases, congestion on our roads will worsen.  The more vehicles, traffic and pedestrians on our roadways will potentially mean more incidents involving TAC claims. Velos Injury Lawyers have had vast experience (over 35 years) in handling motor vehicle claims and can assist you in any vehicular or road accident claims. If you have been affected, contact Velos Injury Lawyers today.

Workers Compensation

Workers compensation law is another area of the law that needs oversight by a professional legal practitioner. Matters of workers compensation claims are generally way beyond the scope of an untrained person and will no doubt require someone with expertise in this area of the law for oversight and investigation. Velos Injury Lawyers have had many, many years of experience dealing in matters involving workers compensation. If you require advice, guidance and follow up to workers compensation issues, call Velos Injury Lawyers today.

Defective Products

Defective products, whether they be automobiles, electronic equipment or even children’s toys can lead to injury or even death. Some manufacturers in the rush to get their products to market will take shortcuts and that can lead to defective or faulty products which can potentially affect you, the consumer. If you have encountered a defective product/s, please do not hesitate to contact Velos Injury Lawyers who will investigate your claim thoroughly and professionally.


Dealing with Insurance Companies and the intricacies of insurance claims can lead to frustration and complications. Matters of this natures should be left to seasoned professionals experienced in Insurance Law. VVelos Injury Lawyers have had years of experience in this field and can assist you in your claims, particularly against major insurance companies. Contact Velos Injury Lawyers to assist you in all insurance related matters.

Medical Negligence

Medical Negligence claims are one of the most difficult areas of the law to reach a satisfactory outcome. Dealing with major hospitals and medical professionals is indeed a daunting task to succeed in reaching your desired outcomes. This is something that should be left to legal, professional lawyers and Velos Injury Lawyers are the right legal team to  take on the tasks when dealing with medical negligence issues. Contact us today to discuss your issues involving medical negligence.

Abuse Claims

Abuse can take many forms these days, from workplace bullying through to bullying and intimidation through social media and internet facilities such as Facebook, Instagram and Snap Chat. Abuse can also extend to the schoolyard or even the workplace. If you, a family friend or associate have been affected by abuse do not hesitate to call Velos Injury Layers where we can assist you in any abuse claims.

Public Liability

Public liability claims take many forms and can include injury in public places, on private property and even Owners Corporation issues. Injury in public places are quite common and it is imperative that should you wish to pursue a claim in this area of the law it is vital that you have a legal professional beside you all the way. Velos Injury Lawyers have years of experience dealing with public liability claims. Contact us if you have a query with this area of the law.

Slips, Trips & Falls

Slips, trips and falls can occur in public places, in the workplace and on private property. You may be the subject of a claim or wish to pursue a claim under these circumstances as slips trips and falls are very commonplace. Velos Injury Lawyers deal with these issues in public places, cafes, shopping centres and restaurants and can offer advice and guidance should you find yourself injured at work, in public or on private property or if you find yourself having a claim lodged against yourself. Call us today if you find yourself in any of these circumstances.


Superannuation is a very difficult and complicated area of the law to understand. Superannuation matters and claims will require a professional legal practitioner to oversight claims, to investigate and understand the intricacies  behind the respective policy and be able to determine whether a successful claim is feasible. Velos Injury Lawyers have had over 35 years of handling complicated matters such as superannuation and can provide advice and assistance for all your superannuation enquiries.

Asbestos Claims

As we are all aware, asbestos is a deadly material that needs to be handled extremely carefully. The exposure to asbestos can have deadly consequences if not handled the correct way particularly in a workplace sense. If you believe you have been exposed to this product or believe that workplace circumstances has led to this exposure contact Velos Injury Lawyers as a matter of urgency.

Boating Accidents

Holiday periods on the water can no doubt be a lot of fun, particularly with boats and all forms of watercraft. With the growth of boats and watercraft, boating accidents are becoming more prevalent, some leading on occasions to tragic circumstances. If you are involved or have been subject to  any boating incidents we encourage you to contact Velos Injury Lawyers as soon as possible so we can investigate any possible claims you may have.

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If you require expert legal services in relation to any injury law matters, speak to us as soon as possible so that we can advice you and adequately prepare you for the range of legal matters and options open to you that you will need to consider.

We are ready and able to provide advice, appear and also brief experienced Expert Counsel on an urgent basis to attend in order to best defend, safeguard and advance your rights and interests in all property law matters.

Client Testimonials

  • My son engaged John Velos Lawyers in 2017.


    He had been charged by Victorian Police with some very serious allegations which I believe affected him to the point where he was unable to process the consequences to be able to make good choices or decisions. Except of course, for finding Velos & Velos Lawyers…how my son managed this is a miracle in itself!


    It has been an extremely difficult time for our son and I cannot stress how much I have appreciated John’s years of professional wisdom and counsel. I reside in Perth which added to the despair and distress.


    During these high emotional times in your life you must be protected by a “legal eagle” who has empathy, compassion, understanding and great intellect. John has all these virtues and many more…he has great insight and the ability to see the whole picture. John offered direction and guidance which transcended an untenable situation. (more…)

    Criminal Law Experience
    Susan A
  • I write to you today in appreciation of the service you provided to me in relation to my former Bankrupt Estate.

    Unfortunately, the bankruptcy case was mishandled by the appointed Trustees. Years after being discharged, I was contacted again by the appointed Trustees requesting that I still required to repay a substitutional amount of money even though, as far as I was concerned, the case had been finalised.

    I really had no idea about my legal responsibilities or more importantly, the fact that the matter could be negotiated with the former trustees.

    With the one consultation with yourself, I was provided with the information I required to proceed in dealing with the former Trustees. In fact, I followed your exact recommendations in my negotiations and was able to settle on an amount equal to one third the sum of what was originally being demanded.

    Had I not sought your legal expertise and most importantly, your experience in these matters, the outcome would have been far less favourable.

    Thank you with much appreciation.

    Kind regards,

    Gerald N.

    Bankruptcy Estate
    Gerard N.
  • We engaged Mr John Velos and his team with an issue where my wife, Wendy Lam and I were wronged by our wedding reception. John and his legal team were genuinely sympathetic about our situation and fought for us with real compassion.

    Mr Velos and his team sat us down to inform us of each proceeding in detail and explained all the outcomes that may come out of it. They were very transparent and detailed throughout the whole process. In an environment that my wife and I were not used to, John Velos and Bo Zhou made us feel comfortable and safe. They made sure we understood every step of the way. (more…)

    Civil Matter
    Ben B & Wendy L
  • I engaged the services of Mr John Velos under extremely difficult circumstances. My husband passed away and shortly after I was admitted to Alfred Hospital with pneumonia. I was very ill, frightened and anxious due to the passing of my husband. The sorrow and grief that I was going through urged me to prepare a Will as I had no idea of what tomorrow would bring. Mr John Velos and his staff understood my situation and acted in an efficient, timely and compassionate manner. Pursuant to my instructions over a telephone conference, Mr Velos urgently prepared a new Will and organized for a Lawyer to attend the Hospital with one of the secretaries, where the Will was executed and witnessed according to law. read more

    Wills & Probate Testimonial
    Eva L.
  • Working with John Velos and his team has meant that much of this stress has been lessened and that whilst my files have been in his capable hands, I have been able to spend more of my focus on my children (who require much supervision and care) and my health which is of great concern.
    Mr John Velos has been nothing but compassionate and professional throughout the process. His team have made communications easier in circumstances where I have not understood the requests of me and I have been able to work with John and his team to take the matter to court in a timely fashion. read more

    Help to negotiate my settlement, my divorce and my bankruptcy
    Magic B

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